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Bayesian Binary Scam review by Binary Option Sheriff

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Bayesian Binary Landing page: Demo Account on Trade Thunder: Contact us on support{at} website link: FULL REVIEW: Bayesian Binary could have us convinced momentarily. But only momentarily! In theory the Bayesian law is plausible and could work. In practice this software is an elevated manipulation of scam. Read our full and impartial review. Scam Review for Bayesian Binary We have to admit, that the name Bayesian Binary is a very smart one. It is surprising that no one had thought of this earlier, especially when one considers that the was registered on the 1st December 2015. This website falls short of a week today, and the claims of untold fortunes being made by using this software cannot be substantiated. Here are a few check-points which highlight the fact that Bayesian Binary is scam. • The creators cannot be identified. Jason and Jim do not have any last names that one can run a check on. No verifications. Would you trust anonymous? • The software promises untold riches in a push button solution. $428K in 28 days is definitely unreal and therefore scam. • Try to leave the page? Annoying pop-ups prompt you to stay on the page. Scam detector • Pointing dirty fingers at other auto traders? Yes, and at the same time offering the same sales pitch • Confusing testimonials. Testimonials are varying from serious, to slutty to comic. Trying to reach a wide audience but failing pathetically. How is Bayesian Binary supposed to work? This is where the promoters of Bayesian Binary have been very smart. The system in theory could be applied to a number of situations as can be seen in the explanation given by Wikipedia* In real life trading, this could not be further from the truth. If you are a new trader, these strategies could easily convince you, however you can rest assured that in daily trading and technical analysis, no one has ever heard or used the Bayesian Statistics. This is a manipulative trap intended on impressing new traders who are hopeful of finding a successful trading system. It would never convince a seasoned trader because it is a hoax. *Wikipedia definition of Bayesian theory. In probability theory and statistics, Bayes' theorem (alternatively Bayes' law or Bayes' rule) describes the probability of an event, based on conditions that might be related to the event. For example, suppose one is interested in whether Addison has cancer, and that she is 65. If cancer is related to age, information about Addison's age can be used to more accurately assess the probability of her having cancer using Bayes' Theorem. When applied, the probabilities involved in Bayes' theorem may have different probability interpretations. In one of these interpretations, the theorem is used directly as part of a particular approach to statistical inference. With the Bayesian probability interpretation the theorem expresses how a subjective degree of belief should rationally change to account for evidence: this is Bayesian inference, which is fundamental to Bayesian statistics. However, Bayes' theorem has applications in a wide range of calculations involving probabilities, not just in Bayesian inference. CONCLUSION We will not be surprised if this software will go viral. We will be less surprised if we will be seeing a lot of negative reviews about it. Should you consider trying the Bayesian Broker software (not on our recommendation) we would appreciate your comments, as this keeps it real. If, like us, you are wary of yet another scam, then we suggest that you wait a few days and check out real testimonials on various credible sites. In our opinion Bayesian Binary is SCAM. If you are new to trading and confused with all the mixed comments about signal software and auto traders, we recommend that you should open a Free Demo Account before trading with real money, and practice safe trading. The best and most reliable way of making money trading binary options remains following manual signals by expert traders. If you wish to be introduced to the best Manual Signal Group on the internet, with a proven track record of 75-80% in the money success rate, drop us a mail on support{at}