Surprise Me!


2016-04-18 9 0 Vimeo

This morning I had a limited amount of time to trade the NY Session of forex because I had to appear in court for a cell phone infraction I received last month while driving;-))  It all worked out ok (thank goodness) and I had to pay a hefty fine.  Lesson learned. I knew exactly what I was going to do on the NY open because I had done my forex trade planning ahead of the open. I only had 1.5 hours to get something done in the forex markets before I would have to leave for court. The only uncertainty this morning was whether or not the market would give me the opportunity before I had to leave for court. And wow!  Did the forex market ever give me and anyone else who trades our method an opportunity across the board. I recorded a video to show you exactly how I made a +117 pip trade on the GBPJPY in just under 54 minutes during the NY Session.  BAM!! My trade plan was very simple.  The GBPJPY was in a Clear Directional Move. All I had to do was wait for the NY open and look for a YL entry. This forex trade was not based on hypothetical nonsense or a meaningless forex trade alert.  This is the real deal. So real, we see these trades set up and play out consistently. What does every forex trader get when they join our Membership?  Their freedom, their independence and a realistic way to finally start making money as a forex trader, once and for all! Join our Membership of successful forex traders and see for yourself how you can immediately learn to trade the forex markets more consistently and become profitable.