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TradersHelpDesk - Online Stock Guidance | NewsWatch Review

2016-08-11 6 0 Vimeo

AppWatch Are you interested in trading but have no idea where to start? Without a proper guide or good solid information, the market can be intimidating. This is where the app TradersHelpDesk comes in. TradersHelpDesk contains everything you need to learn trading. Now, a common misconception is that the markets are unpredictable. The app provides instantaneous access to trading videos and educational articles that teach you how to trade futures, forex, and binary options. Now, these training videos allow users to do several things like identify if trends will continue or retrace, identify where support and resistance is on a higher time frame, understand how volume price analysis is critical for identifying where the market will go, and most importantly learn how to expand your markets to increase profits. Now the most economical way to play the predictability of the market is via Nadex Binary Options as they have provided retail traders with a level playing field and limited risk. For anyone who downloads the app in the next 7 days, they will receive 50% discount on the TradersHelpDesk Binary Options training course. Once downloaded all you have to do is sign up for the special notifications. According to them "The TradersHelpDesk indicators provide you with cutting edge technology to identify when buyers or sellers are secretly stepping into at an area of support or resistance. Our proprietary indicators for TradeStation, Multicharts, and NinjaTrader identify when the volume momentum shifts from buying to selling or from selling to buying, your lowest point of risk (which is always at an area of support or resistance) plus the indicators easily identifies the trade entry by changing either the price bar color or the ATR (average true range stop) color. And we identify when the markets are either overbought or oversold using our modified ADX and RSI indicators." TradersHelpDesk is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. Head to the App Store or Google Play store today. For more interesting reviews from NewsWatch, head over to our blog and hit the ole subscribe button.