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Trading the US health care deal - Tip TV

2017-03-23 0 0 Vimeo

President Trump, the author of the best selling ‘Art of the Deal’ is set to face his toughest test - partially repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Market Strategist Ronnie Chopra says, “We could be in for a roller coaster ride if the bill is rejected”. Dow could extend the losses, he adds and calls 110.00 levels as a sort of a floor on the USD/JPY pair. Watch the full segment to know if Nikkei would drop in line with the weakness seen in the USD/JPY pair. Also discussed is - Goldman’s view that past oil spending could lead to another glut in 2018, Next PLC earnings, Charts from Investors Intelligence - Bullish break on the VIX Index, Oanda forex market sentiment, Trade of the day and Broker recommendations.