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Crypto Automated Mining Contract by Wealth Generators - Presented by R. Schrum -Hosted by BTC Pac NW Group / UCN Biz Group

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In today's world if you are going to be engaged in Crypto Currency, Mining , The Blockchain it is best to choose a provider that is in compliance with the aspects that are most important...the ability to participate with Mining with an assurance that the tokens you earn are being presented into your own personal digital wallet. We found that WG met our list of goals in finding a reputable company within the Crypto Mining space that put compliance first. Their parent company is traded on the Nasdaq Exchange and they have FTC / SEC compliant attorneys that make sure they are within the regulations that are needed to offer this great service. WG is a leader in Financial Literacy, including Forex, Annuity Education, Crypto and the essentials in having a strong relationship with basic financial principles to find, grow and keep your assets. Being that we like to be Brand Agnostic in Crypto and that diversification within this financial space needs that WGWG's Mining Programs fit our list of needs and wants. Decide for yourself; due diligence is a must for anyone who is entering this or any program. Listen closely take notes and do further research - we hope you find what we have found being part of this companies education processes and systems. After you watch this video feel free to contact us, ask questions, get answers and to find out how you can be part of our CryptoMining Mastery group in BTC Pac NW. ( - like us on Facebook) SCHEDULE A 10 MINUTE APPOINTMENT WITH US TO DISCUSS YOUR OPTIONS. DETAILED VIDEOS AT THIS LINK: : We have weekly Zoom meetings on Monday and Wednesday evenings and we can get you a link to sit in to learn more! Thanks for your time and consideration and like us at Facebook. sincerely in service Terri & Brian / Bitcoin & Crypto Advocates / BTC Pac NW Group / UCN Biz Group Marketing / [email protected] / 253-886-1768 (Book a 10 minute interview with us!)