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Update 19.07.18 Core Of The Matrix=Bank/Finance Syst=Deep St.Shadow Gov. Model=False Society Construct=Collapsing By Design.

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UNIVERSAL CLEAN UP Core Of The Matrix = Banking/Finance System = Deep State Shadow Goverment Slavery Human Traffickin Energy Harvesting Slavery Trading In Commerce Model=The False Society Construct = Collapsing By Design =Because That Was The Duality Spiritual Hierarchy "WHAT IF" Gameplay Of Creation Which Created The Illusion Of Separation From Within Yourself Oneself = The Illusion Of Being Separated From Your Source Of All There Is Connection From Within = Banking = Ban The Inner Kindom = The Mechanism Within The Banking System Set Up In The Way It Became Constructed To Work, Made The Banking System Set Up = THE MATRIX Limiting, Control & Interfere = (MANIPULATION = MAN - IP - ULAT - ION) With Each Individuals "ALL THAT IS" & FLOWS FROM WITHIN Embodied Source Of All There Is Connection... = Which This Again Was All Tied To = With The Human Trafficking Trading In Commerce Mechanism, Which Then Learned Us To Feed Off Of Everyone Elses Embodied Source Energy Depository Of All There Is In Order To Be Able To Live = THE SLAVERY SYSTEM BASED ON CONTROL, LIMITATION = INTERFERENCE = THE SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY DUALITY GAMEPLAY,...WHICH NOW FULLY COLLAPSING BY DESIGNED WHICH IS NOTHING TO BE AFFRAID OF, BUT ALL ADOPTED BELIEFSYSTEMS YOU HAVE TO ALLOW YOURSELF ONESELF TO FULLY DISSOLVE. World Historic Events U Learned About At School & Or Experienced = Exposed As Lies!! AS SAID! It was always in all ways about the banking system = the core foundation of the matrix & the corrupt fake stream Deep State Shadow Government twisted imigration / refugees mass media storyline where they blaming Trump for dividing children from their family, in which these constructed fake stream corrupt & twisted fake news storylines from the mass media is constructed in order to hide the real purpose for the constructed humanitarian crises like f.ex the haiti crises which clinton was highly involved with, and other crises made up, in order to have people running from their countries as refugees / imigrants so the deep state shadow government could hide their real purpose for make crises to have people becoming refugees / imigrants. TRUMP ACTUALLY SAVE CHILDREN & ENDING HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN WHICH THAT IS NOT SOMETHING THAT THE DEEP STATE SHADOW GOVERNMENT & THEIR FOREIGN ACTORS AGENTS DO NOT LIKE, CAUSE IT EXPOSES THE REAL REASONS FOR THESE DEEP STATE SHADOW GOVERNMENT CONSTRUCTIONS LIKE NATO, EU & UNITED NATIONS & ALL THEIR DIRTY SECRETS ASWELL, WHICH IS WHY THROUGH THE MASSIVE FAKE STREAM MASS MEDIA ATTACKS AGAINST TRUMP IS DONE IN OR TRY TO MAKE TRUMP LOOK LIKE A DANGEROUS PERSON FOR THE WORLD & ALL OF HUMANITY! AS I HAVE SAID MANY TIMES OVER Everything always in all ways pointing back to the banking system, cause the energy harvesting slavery matrix core foundation is the banking system in the way it became constructed to work....and we are very close to the universal clean up completion related to ending that energy harvesting slavery matrix which that case with Heather & Randall is actually all about that, related to exposing it and ending it, which is part of the universal clean up sting operation plan. thanx and in gratitude to Heather & Randall for doing their part within this universal clean up sting operation. APPROVED PROSPECTUS PLAY STOCK BOND "FAKE MONEY" USED ON THE CASINO HUMAN TRAFFICKING TRADING IN COMMERCE STOCK MARKED GAMEPLAY All these bonds are based on humanity being energy harvested and enslaved through the human trafficking trading in commerce which is tied to the very banking slaver matrix, system set up in the way it has been constructed to work, which banking system is the very core foundation of the matrix ) .... and its a reason for as said many times, why the former controllers doing what ever they can to BLOCK UNFETTERED ACCESS from happening and why they still do everyting to keep Heather and Randall locked up, or still having the banking system giving people declines on their energy cards they already have, which people do know today as their visa, master cards and so on.... THE RV ( GCR = Global Currenct Reset = Nesara Gesara ) WILL NOT HAPPEN! "Yet what happens next is a win for them and all, even if they ( Qing Royal Dynasty = Chinese Dragons ) "lose face" temporarily becoming known with all their doings becoming known. They can't simultaneously blame the Clinton's and Rothschild's when they ( Qing Royal Dynasty = Chinese Dragons ) were Adam Smith's "unseen hand" as it were behind the financial system. They ( Qing Royal Dynasty = Chinese Dragons ) can't have an RV/GCR and put the old gal into a new party dress and pretend they ( Qing Royal Dynasty = Chinese Dragons ) were not running the whole thing all along!" ( text is from this post "All Shifts NOW - Update post by Terran Cognito" )