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ASX200 Nifty50 HSI Technical Analysis Elliott Wave 10 May 2019

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ASX200 Nifty50 HSI Technical Analysis Elliott Wave ASX200 Elliott Wave: If the 6300 can develop as support then Wave (iv) is completed TradingLevels: the 6300 which is Minor Level 3 (mTL3) and the top of Minor Group1 is the line in the sand for the market direction Day Trading Strategy:Long on 6300 as support and if the last low is breach then short. Peter Mathers - ========================= Enjoy a 2O Day Trial here "If you are viewing this outside of our website then this is a delayed report. TradingLounge website: Social Media YouTube LinkedIn New LinkedIn Group TradingLounge Facebook Education CFD Trading and Elliott Wave Education Links Elliott Wave Basics Trading Levels Analysis TradingLounge services cover; Indices Elliott Wave Forex Elliott Wave Gold and oil Elliott Wave Stock CFD Trading Signals for the US and Australia Plus; helping you personally with analysis and your own trades