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Banc 54

2014-02-20 1 0 Vimeo “Welcome to Banc 54, the leading global boutique binary options brokerage… " "Banc 54 has handpicked the most experienced brokers, ensuring investors receive the best service and attention they need, including one-on-one training and trading sessions.." "Binary Options offer investors a safe way to trade, without the risk of purchasing the actual asset. Investors have the opportunity to trade on currency pairs, commodities, stocks and indices." "A binary option has an expiry date or time and a strike price so payout is determined at the start of the contract." "Binary options have become increasingly popular as there are no fees, spreads or margins, return opportunities are substantial, and risks are minimal." "Banc 54 offers its clients the most cutting-edge, user friendly and straight-forward online trading platform in the world." "We invest time in you… because your success is our success.”