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Forex Robot World Cup and FXCM Matthew Navie Interview

2010-02-03 1 0 Vimeo

Official Site: My Blog: I know youve been following the Forex Robot WorldCup (FRWC) everyone has! FRWC just did an interview with the biggest broker on the planet! Heres some of what went down: -What does the biggest FX broker in the world think about the FRWC? -Why did they decide to be official sponsors of the FRWC? -What does FXCM think about the transparency of this competition? -What is the biggest FX brokers opinion on the fact that all EAs were traded on live accounts and results were updated LIVE? -Why there is a big difference between real-money, live trading and back-testing / demo trading? -What does liquidity have to do with things when it comes to live trading? Hear the real answer for the very first time no more speculation on this point! -Why it was necessary to conduct such a competition considering what current FX product buyers have available to them in the marketplace. -Why has the MT4 platform become so popular? -No restrictions, no dealing desk execution what does that mean to FX traders? (IMPORTANT!) -The HUGE benefit of FXCMs partnership with Boston Technologies and how this can benefit YOU! -What does FXCM have to say about scalping strategies? (youll want to hear this!) P.S. FX as we know it is right in the middle of a huge transformation. The FRWC is changing everything and you can be a part of it!