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Barnacle Penises Can Teach You A Ton About Biology

Well-endowed barnacles can change the size and shape of their penises. It's a great example of something called phenotypic plasticity. Subscribe!

2015-06-22 02:23 157,361 YouTube

Primitive Survival Skills: Technology Looking For Coastal Food Primitive(Chthamalus stellatus)

Hello. continue to our latest video. This video teaches you how to search for food in the coast with primitive survival skills and primitive technology. This video ...

2017-09-12 06:09 99,776 YouTube

Community Ecology: Feel the Love - Crash Course Ecology #4

Interactions between species are what define ecological communities, and community ecology studies these interactions anywhere they take place. Although ...

2012-11-26 11:30 654,174 YouTube

Chthamalus challengeri, Order Sessilia

Chthamalus challengeri, a species belonging to the Order Sessilia. September 4, 2012, Geoje City in South Korea. It is attached to an abalone. I took this video ...

2012-09-05 00:18 5,235 YouTube